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We Have A Surprise

We have a surprise!

The North Bundy Backpackers Magna Carta


by Agreement North Bundy Backpackers & Hostel Working Travellers

North Bundy Backpackers Hostel has a mission to provide both work and accommodation to working holiday visitors who come to the Bundaberg, Burnett and Callide Regions of Queensland. A picturesque beginning of the Great Barrier Reef.

As a Working Backpacker Hostel, we endeavour to provide both accommodation, jobs and transport to travellers who come to our facility. As such we maintain relationships with significant farms in the area that provide consistent employment throughout the year. Thus enabling travellers to take advantage of the Australian Government visa extension programme i.e. by working 88 days in Regional Australia, they are entitled to an additional 12 months Visa Extension.

To bring this about, there must be agreement between 3 parties, the farmers, travellers and the hostel management.

The Farmers – give priority employment to North Bundy Backpackers travellers, and expect said travellers to honour their contract by showing up, on time and in competent condition to do the work.

The Travellers- commit to agreeing to work, being punctual for supplied transport and being in a fit and competent state to complete the tasks assigned.

The Hostel- commit to obtain regular work available according to the season, and provide accommodation as well as transport to and from the arranged farm employment locations.

The North Bundy Backpackers Hostel is not a Frat House, Party Scene or Flop House. In fact, no alcohol, drugs or prohibitive substances are permitted on the premises, this forms a part of the Agreement between Guest and Hostel. Included in the agreement is a 3 strikes clause for people breaking the rules, the most important is the “non attendance” without cause, for work contract.

Reasons –

  • The hostel is in a residential area and turning North Bundy Backpackers into “party central” would create serious problems with neighbours and impact negatively on said residents right to a peaceful existence.
  • As a working hostel, Bundy Backpackers makes a commitment to the farmers for ongoing supply of workers (when available) once agreement on employment terms and conditions are made, the farmer has reasonable expectation that they will have said complement of workers. Letting farmers down on a regular basis only puts jobs and relationships at risk. Everybody has the right to error, and staying at North Bundy Backpackers may not be for you, so choose your accommodation accordingly; this is a Working Hostel.
  • Naturally, any illegal behaviour cannot be tolerated, the Hostel cannot be party to any lawbreaking activity.

In no way does North Bundy Backpackers expect its guests to take on vows of a monastery, as it can be easily seen by the gallery here on the website, travellers have a great time. There are plenty of places to enjoy a drink in Bundy, plenty of things to do on days off. Many come here to get their “days” completed or seriously depleted and that requires a bit of dedication and commitment.

It is not unusual for people to complete their “days” in 3 months, incredible, right? They can then move on to do what they want, with the benefit of a 12 month extension.

Interestingly, many come here in ones and twos and because of working and spending time together on a purpose, end up as long term friends, a bit like a graduating class. The truth is farm work is not a stroll in the park, and many find it to be a great achievement. Strangely, hard work often brings the best out in us all, there is something “honest” about it. Particularly, when we know it is not what our life is forever required to be!

Welcome to The North Bundy Backpackers Hostel, we will do our best to make sure you get the most out of your working stay.

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