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Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork

Hi there Backpackers


There are a gazillion stories out there about backpacking, farmwork, weirdos and more.

And I can remember back to my days of farms and the “cannery” in a town of Cowra in NSW.

The truth is, nothing much has changed except that the farmer is getting less for his/her produce,

and this passes on down the chain.


But there is also the other side of the coin. Back in the day, I moved from farm to cannery and then up that chain.

The difference was that I was young and fit, and was really happy to work hard.

I spent several months there, and when I left, they were sorry to see me go, except for a few of the lazy buggars

who resented my rapid rise to fame.


I was not naturally gifted at farm or factory, however, I was tough, prepared to put in the effort and I got rewarded.

Was it great money? It was ok, but there were other opportunities to earn more; as is always the case.


In my time I saw many come for a day or a week, but moved on or got sacked because they didn’t produce.

Most of us understand, if a Kilo of tomatoes sell for $5 the farmer is battling to get $0.30, out of which, all overheads must be paid.

It is a hard life, but it has always been the case, now in the 21st century, in the 20th or 19th, but no Visa Extensions back then ?


So, some farmers are crabby, some are not, some are helpful, some not; hell it is just like life.

Farming, like everything is a mixed bag. But if you deliver, you will achieve your goals; even if it is that 1 year Visa Extension.

Thinking we need to put up a “Graduating” Roll up with photos of those passing through having attained their 88 Days!


So what is it that makes Bundy and North Bundy Backpackers the go?

Firstly, there are no labour hire companies involved, so there is no middleman skimming, your hard earned!

Secondly, North Bundy Backpackers is a working hostel, it works directly with farmers!

Thirdly, if you work hard, show up for your committed shifts you’ll get your 88 Days up.


North Bundy Backpackers is a family business, our business is reliant on getting people work.

For those unaware of the form and details of the 88 days Regional Work for a 12 month Visa Extension,

there is a link at the bottom of this blog.


A general note, Bundaberg is the gateway to the Whitsundays, it is a thriving farming and business area.

There are plenty of things to see, beaches to visit and more.

Safe work, safe travels

Jobs : Farm Picking & Packing