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A Working Hostel

A Working Hostel

The North Bundy Backpackers Magna Carta


The North Bundy Backpackers Circus Trainers Not Required.

by Oz Bug Circus

Perhaps you heard that we had some bed bugs?

While some think this to be an indictment on us, the fact is, we do not have a “Bug Circus” out the back, and we don’t need any trainers for that fictional circus.
We neither want more bugs, nor trainers!

These bugs are the world’s greatest hitch-hikers, and they have come in with travellers.

We have sorted them out here, so please follow some simple steps below to ensure no more come in.

Here are some facts about bed bugs
● they are not a sanitation issue, even the cleanest of places can fall victim to bed bugs and once inside they spread rapidly. Bed bugs are great hitch-hikers and and easily travel from place to place in someone’s personal belongings or luggage.
● bedbugs are not limited to hotels and hostels, in fact there was an outbreak a couple of years ago in Sydney, some say due to travellers renting more houses, but that is just another path.
● how do problems start? Bed bugs do not cling to people but they can accidentally get caught up in our belongings (i.e. suitcase, purse, laptop bags). From there they can move from their current home into new ones in homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, or any other building as well as modes of transportation. Sanitation and cleanliness of a property is not an issue as bed bugs are notorious hitch-hikers and can show up almost anywhere.
● it is important to check your luggage while travelling. You can effectively get rid of any unwanted hitch-hikers on your clothes by washing and then using a clothes dryer for 30 minutes. In fact, you can simply use the dryer if your clothes are otherwise clean.

The point is, we have sorted out the bed bugs, but another traveller can set the ball rolling, so please help us and other accommodation sites by checking your clothing, luggage, laptop bags etc for any signs while travelling.

And please, if you are reading this before coming here to North Bundy Backpackers, please check your clothing and luggage, if you find little buggers, take remedial action!