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A Working Hostel!

A Working Hostel

The North Bundy Backpackers Part of the Bundaberg Farming World.


by by Rocks in my pockets & dirt in my boots.

Here’s a bit of news that is hard to find, farming is about growing things, and surprising though it may seem, despite all thoughts to the contrary, fruit and vegetables grow 24/7. There is no holiday for Kings and Queens, Labour Days and the like, if it has been planted (often even if it hasn’t) farms are full on, full time.

Before anyone signs up to be doing farm work, especially if you are trying to get your days up, in order to extend your Visa, it’s a tough gig working on farms. Early starts to physical days work.

North Bundy Backpackers sets up jobs directly with farms, some gigs pay better than others. Many of the gigs are tied to results, in many areas these are called kpis, but not on farms. This is the real world, where farmers scrape small amounts for others to generate heaps off. A pineapple, selling for $2 on a supermarket shelf may well have returned the farmer less than 10 cents.

I mention this, because farms live on small margins and work on tight deadlines. These deadlines are about the window available to harvest. Picking late can mean a significant difference in the $ return to the farmer.

I tell you this so that you understand, when you commit to 6 days work at Farm A, then after 2 days you drink too much and can’t get up for the next day, you put a few things at risk. First, you can’t always be replaced for that day’s work, secondly, you put the farming process back and planned pick/harvest area is reduced and the ripeness of crop or part of the crop is jeopardised and thirdly, North Bundy Backpackers agreement with the farmer is put under pressure.

At North Bundy Backpackers, we have direct agreements with the farmers, there are no 3rd party arrangements, this is a great advantage for backpackers and we have maintained our independence in this area. But, when farmers ask for 10 workers and only half show up on the third day, they get pissed off, and the Hostel comes under pressure.

Physical work in the sun is challenging, but it is rewarding, not just because you can get your “days” completed quickly, but, most people react well to doing a tough day’s physical work. So, looking forward to seeing you at NorthBundyBackpackers, we’re sure you’ll have a great time, but remember, don’t commit to a job unless you are committed!